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Steve Clem of LifeStyle Propane


We are proud to provide propane and service for RV's, trailers, grills, smokers, and more.  So when you're ready to kick back and have some fun, you'll be good to go.

For those times when you're in need we specialize in fittings, regulators, and hoses - just when you thought it couldn't be fixed... we're there to help. 

  • Keep your grill when not in use, spider free. The little guys love propane grills and will find their way into the nozzles and lines and cause all sorts of gas flow problems. Put soap shavings on a piece of foil inside your grill while in storage - spiders hate soap and will avoid it.

  • Before you toss out the old, have us take a look - we can make new custom hoses, fittings, and may be able to revive your favorite propane appliance.

I was so frustrated because I couldn’t find anyone to make the hose I needed for my RV. It had some type of odd fitting. My neighbor said to ask Lifestyle Propane.. and wow.. they said no problem, made my hose, hooked me up and I’m good to go. It was that easy.
— John Sears