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Ryan Scroggins of C & L Automotive


We are a complete automotive repair facility that does complete factory maintenance to diagnostic, electrical, mechanical repairs. We offer complete service with the customer concerns always being met first with integrity. We also educate or customers on how we can locate cars for customers who are want to purchase a used car or a new car.

  • Due to the types of fuel we get for our car today. I recommend you fill your gas tank with Chevron Supreme. This fuel has a additive that will help clean your fuel rails injectors and crank case from carbon build up from the fuel we get. You should do this at least every 3 months based on the average driver.

  • Some battery’s sulfate can cause corrosion build up on the battery cable ends. This can cause run-ability issues and even no-start issues. You should have your battery cable checked during your routine service to make sure they are cleaned.

I was so relieved when I finally found Steve - C & L Auto. As a woman taking a car to a mechanic it just feels very good to know that I’m being treated honestly and they’re very respectful of me and our whole family.
— Jamie Dean