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Jason Smathers


6-360 Electric is an electrical contractor providing electrical wiring, service & troubleshooting for new construction and remodels for both commercial and residential applications. 

We offer a wide range of electrical services such as underground locating, testing & certification of fiber, cat5 & 6 installations as well a 40' reach bucket truck for parking lot lighting.  What ever your electrical situation, from the small service calls to a complete rewire 360 Electric has got you covered all the way around.  

  • Programmable timers are a great option for controlling your exterior lights. Lights are controlled when you are not around to turn them on and off making it appear that you are and provides security for your house. You have the options to program them at dusk and dawn settings or more specific times. These inexpensive devices can also be programmed to help save on your electric power bill.

  • Ground fault circuit interrupters known as GFCI's are an important safety device for your home. These devices protect the occupants of the building or residence. All Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and exteriors outlets, spas, hot tubs, & outlets with in 6' of a sink should be protected by a GFCI. If you plan on selling your home these will need to be tested and installed if not already done.


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