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Dan Schroeder


The Schroeder Consultancy is defined by three unique characteristics that allow me to provide best-of-breed services at a considerably lower cost than other consulting firms in the Eugene/Springfield area.

 1.   The Schroeder Consultancy is a micro-business, which means that there may be instances where I have to prioritize time.

2.    I work proactively and take a holistic approach to ensure the safety of your information and infrastructure.

3.   Some clients choose to retain my services. This allows me to act as your personal technology manager at a fraction of the typical cost of a fully-loaded employee. It also allows me to provide standard monthly reporting for your organization. 

 In a nutshell, I run a very specific business that meets the needs of a few select clients. My services don’t fit the needs of every organization but my low cost and personalized service make for a great fit for a few small local businesses. 


When buying computer systems for your business, you need to consider the desired outcome of your business. Now think about how the proper computer network can get you there.  You should ask yourself the following questions before starting small business computer solutions:

How does your business use its computers now?

What is your intended computer use in 2 years?

What type of software programs does your business rely on?

What operating system is needed to support these software programs?

Wow - A Computer Tech you can actually talk with. Dan has authentic interest that you are happy with your system and that everything works when you want it to.

Dan Schroeder - working with business leaders