We are a group of business leaders focused on excellence and growing businesses around the
Willamette Valley, Eugene, and Springfield areas. 


Darby Giannone
Woman Business Leader 2017_18

Past member Darby Giannone sets the example for excellence. Awarded with the recognition of Woman Business Leader of the Year 2017, Darby sets the bar pretty high. For Darby, meeting others who inspire, reach for new heights, and work to build community are some of the most exciting people to discover.  For us, we are nothing shy of proud to have her as a member and leader in our town as well as the Willamette Business Builders.  To Darby - we salute!

We watched it happen in real time as Darby receives the award.


And the winner is.... drum roll please...


President: Tim Depaepe andTreasurer Darby Giannone [WHA Insurance] and VP Barbara Evarts of Houck Evarts 10.7.16

Stepping up to the plate to be a part of the structure that keeps us directed and focused, we welcome our new electees! 

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KL Wells - Vistage Chair, Business Coach and much more has proven instrumental in helping many community businesses find their center and grow to new heights.  


Jason Smathers 360 Electric wbb

Jason Smathers [360 Electric] as a featured speaker keeping us up to date with all things Electric- the always improving industry.  We are so grateful every time he shares information.